Handmade Jewelry

Our handmade jewelry is characterized by minimalist design. Handmade jewelry and designer jewelry in limited edition with recognition value, which is subject to any season or trends. We are inspired by just about everything we encounter. From people, travel, art, music and impressions and all the fine details flow constantly and steadily into the handmade jewelry collections. Handmade jewelry that is unique and personalized and conquers your heart with an individual touch. The result is our handmade jewelry, which should remind you of good times, as a kind of lucky charm or collector's items on the neck and / or wrist. We combine traditional values with modern design that fits the ravages of time. Handmade jewelry in an interesting remix for which we take a lot of time.

Handmade jewelry determines the jewelry trend 2019 and above all one thing: the combinations and integration with your outfits. Handmade jewelry we interpret for you in design jewelry with recognition value and must-have character. Filigree necklaces with opulent earrings, gold jewelry with silver jewelry, cool bracelets with lovely rose gold and ear studs that are modeled on geometry are combined today. We discover for your handmade jewelry completely new and the styling inspiration we supply you directly with.

The latest trend is to combine handmade silver jewelry bracelets with rose gold. Note: Conventions are broken today, after all, everyone can usually. Therefore, handmade jewelry and designer jewelry made of cool silver is combined with the delicate and feminine variant of rose gold. Basically, what's allowed pleases, just try and listen to his gut feeling. New jewelry trends emerge as if by themselves.

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