Vintage Jewelry

Vintage jewelry or retro jewelry from bygone times, of enduring beauty is always reinvented by different designers. Vintage jewelry from the last hundred years will also survive the future. Hollywood stars always like to go on the catwalks of the world to artistic vintage fashion and the matching vintage jewelry because they express their individuality and style. How can you go wrong with a selected vintage necklace, a vintage bracelet or a vintage brooch with an everlasting design?

Our offer categorized as vintage jewelry is not a new jewelry. It is very important for us to make this clear because the term vintage jeweler is extremely overused and often misused in today's language. In the actual sense and thus completely in our art-historical sense, one understands by it the consistent orientation at old jeweler art.

This does not mean, in contrast to furniture for example, the refurbishment or restoration of old pieces, but after 1960 the creation of jewelry with a clear style orientation to past epochs. We regard the most successful works of the 1960s and 1970s as genuine vintage jewelry. Although the pursuit of stylistic authenticity is not a fundamental quality feature, it is taken very seriously by true connoisseurs of the jewelry trade and by ambitious jewelers. Vintage jewelry of course has its own ambitions, but is essentially based on antique models. To divide vintage jewelry into temporal sections and subgroups would be possible in principle, but should not be carried out here. Analogous to the rapid development of the social, political and art-creating world history of the 20th century, there were and still are manifold preferences for forms, materials and colors in the past decades.

Unlike the general desire for technical progress, true jewelry lovers strive for harmony and deceleration. The skills of the jewelers of ancient eras are recognized as a timeless art worth preserving. The longing for a time that appreciates "genuine" values of human togetherness and respect for nature and life is often reflected in the art of vintage jewelry. To experience a deceleration of life by wearing and feeling jewelry has become a rare commodity in this new and fast-moving time.

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