Wholesale jewelry customers or commercial customers will buy from us at wholesale prices as long as they process exclusively with jewelry trading or jewelry in any direction. We reserve the right to deliver after individual inspection, as we also require certain minimum sales per product group.


What is called costume jewelry is usually everything that is made of base materials. Fashion jewelry has been around for hundreds of years. However, this was stamped as cheap jewelry and not really hopeful. It was even called milieu jewelry. Only in the last 10 years costume jewelry became really socially acceptable. This had 2 reasons: On the one hand the gold and silver prices exploded, the precious metal prices partly quintupled, on the other hand the costume jewelry was seen as a fashion accessory matching the textiles. Here, too, the paths led and lead again via jewelry wholesalers, since costume jewelry is only produced economically in a very large quantity.

These are usually cast jewelry, which was offered in various designs and types of casks. Of course, the design is also an important criterion in the production of diamond jewelry, but the manufacturers in this area remain mainly simple and classic. The most important thing about diamond jewelry is the diamond itself.  


Already early in the 60's the Italian jewelry producers started with the incorporation of gemstones. Of course, this significantly expanded the variety of jewelry and created colorful contrasts. From expensive diamonds to cheap onyx, everything was processed in the gemstone sector.  The breakthrough of gemstone jewelry was then again by the Thai manufactories with their significantly lower hourly wages to export hit and made possible to sell the gemstone jewelry at other price ranges; which the broad dimensions of course gladly accepted.

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